Kanye West So Help Me God Album Download

Kanye West So Help Me God Album Download Leak (2015) Full Deluxe Edition

Kanye West So Help Me God Album Download

DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM HERE: http://albumleak.freehst.com/kanye-west-so-help-me-god-album-download/


1. Wolves
2. No God
3. Fuckkk (feat. Meechy Darko & Spooky Black)
4. All Day (feat. Allan Kingdom)
5. My Side of Town
6. If Pac (feat. Kendrick Lamar & Big Sean)
7. Only One (feat. Paul McCartney)
8. Rubik (feat. Young Thug & Sia)
9. She is My High
10. How Lovely (feat. The Weeknd)
11. Bounce (feat. Pusha T)
12. Heaven (feat. Paul McCartney & North West)


This is a very anticipated album leak that you can download here for free

Kanye West is ready for his Follow-Up to “Yeezus” and now confirmed that “So Help Me God” will be the official title of his 7 album. Getting info and a new song there’s already online to discover.

Kanye West fans: the US musicians has now confirmed the title of his next Studio album! “So Help Me God” will be even 2015 – Kanye will not give but an exact date because it will be a surprise release.

Already in September 2014 Kanye confirmed promo single from the album “All Day” West 1. Now, even more songs to follow as, for example, the song “Awesome”, which has now appeared on the Internet. As Opening Track, Kanye confirmed the song “Wolves”, presented during the campaign adidas.

Kanye West will call his new album “So Help Me God”. He explains that on Twitter. To do this, he published an image that may represent the cover. It should be a medieval icon of the Virgin Mary – under it he does not’s stop also.

“New album title… So help me God”, so ye short and sweet. “So help me God” is the English reaffirmation of oath and can be translated with “so help me God”.

Still, there is not a release date. So far, three songs have been published, probably will be heard on the new album. “Only one” (whose corresponding video Kanye not in Mössingen turned), “Wolves” and “All Day”. Previously only available as live-performance – but what is the first official video, the latter two “only”? Especially the flamethrower, which was at the Brit Awards, where performed with Yeezy ‘All Day’, was quite impressive.

Kanye West’s last album “Yeezus” was published in June 2013. Go to our review. The successor is expected for some time. In August 2014, it said it would already appear in September – what turned out as well as misinformation like the rumor, it’ll say “Paris” and without big announcement appear (called in professional circles of also the Beyoncé-move).

G.O.O.D. music producer Evian Christian, the on Kanye West’s last album “Yeezus” on the song “I’m in it” with has produced had already some time ago in an interview with the self-titled mag to the sound of the next album Yeezy expressed – at least, as far as it concerned him. Therefore, Kanye again plans a special design. “He wants something, sounds a bit after Otis, a bit like Mobb deep Redding.” So help him God.